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The Pulse Wave menu presents the AC Pulse Wave in varying combination with the Valsalva Wave and the Heart Rate.

The "AC" Pulse Wave While Breathing "Coherently"

The above figure depicts the pulse rate increasing during inhalation and decreasing during exhalation. We also see pulse amplitude decreasing during inhalation and increasing during exhalation.

Pulse Wave Series

The Pulse Wave menu:


1. Pulse Wave (AC): This is the conventional view of the "AC coupled" Pulse Wave. The interval between pulses is referred to as the Inter-Beat Interval or "IBI". The amplitude of the pulse correlates with heart "output" vs. rate. However, when we are breathing slowly and deeply there is explicit correlation between rate and output, output increasing as rate decreases and output decreasing as heart rate increases. With Release 1.1, heart rate indicators are provided.

2. Pulse Wave (AC), Heart Rate:


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