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BreatheHeart represents a breakthrough in the analysis of physiological "coherence". Instead of measuring cycle to cycle consistency of heart rate variability (HRV), BreatheHeart measures the synchrony (phase correlation) between the Valsalva Wave - a blood wave that rises and falls in the circulation when we are breathing slowly, deeply, and rhythmically - and the HRV cycle (See Figure 1), yielding a more comprehensive measure of physiological coherence.


Because the breathing induced Valsalva Wave is the impetus for the HRV cycle, at resonance they tend to be 180 degrees out of phase with each other. As their relationship approaches the 180 degree alignment, their inverse correlation becomes stronger.

The desired synchrony is accomplished by synchronizing breathing with the HRV cycle, inhaling at the valleys and exhaling at the peaks with optimal variability.


1. COHERENCE: Heart - This is the primary user screen. It presents 4 metrics and associated activities. The upper large panel is the heart rate, the lower large panel is the "COHERENCE" curve. The smaller panel in the upper right is the present Heart Rate Variability or "HRV". The lower right panel is the power spectrum of the heart rate variability cycle where the green bar indicates the target frequency. Any panel can be clicked on and expanded into full-screen mode. Yellow lines and bars are programmable thresholds.

1) Synchronize your breathing with your heart rate, inhaling at the valleys and exhaling at the peaks,

2) Raise the blue bar to equal the HRV threshold.

3) Lower the white "coherence curve" such that it approaches -1, indicating increased synchrony between blood flow and heart rate, and

4) Raise the green "bar", indicating that the autonomic nervous system is moving into a state of balance.

2. COHERENCE: Heart AND Valsalva Wave - This screen is the same as #1 with the inclusion of the Valsalva Wave (red line) and the exclusion of the bar graphs.

Also visit: www.breathheart.com

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