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This site reflects Release BreathHeart:111310

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Computer Requirements: Windows XP is recommended. Vista is not recommended. BreatheHeart is not extremely demanding of either real time or memory and works fine on most PC hardware platforms. It has also been tested on the Acer 1 Netbook.

Proper operation of the breathing pacers does require that the computer be lightly loaded.


- Choosing


- Archiving

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- Marking

Frequently asked questions:

- FAQ about the Valsalva Wave biometric

- FAQ about capability of the instrument

- FAQ about operation of the instrument


- Thresholds & Feedback: Thresholding is available with Release 09_01_10. Audible feedback is planned for January 2011.


- Accessing internet pages: The tab of each catetgory, e.g. Valsalva Wave, Heart Rate, etc., offers an brief explanation of the biometric. Just to the right of the title, there is "(Local)". Clicking this link will open the associated internet page, where there is a more extensive explanation. To return, just click on the tab.



- Reports



- Copying

- Pasting into another application

- Printing


- Attaching: Sensor should be attached as loosely as possible while still detecting the pulse. After attaching, check Get Started, Basic Signals to make sure the Pulsewave is being detected. You may note that it is possible to attach the sensor such that the Valsalva Wave is detected but the pulse is not. This is because the Valsalva Wave is larger, slower, and easier to detect than the smaller, faster pulsewave. Heart Rate is derived from the Pulsewave, so if the Pulsewave is in error, Heart Rate will be in error.

- Care

- Drift Kit: A "drift kit" (see photo) is normally installed when the ear sensor is shipped. It consists of a small plastic block and a rubber band that secures it to the ear sensor. The block prevents "biological" drift due to continuous squeezing of the ear by the ear clip spring. The block keeps the ear clip blocked open such that it does not squeeze past the point where the sides of the clip are parallel. This solves the drift problem but leads to a looser fit and therefore requires additonal care in attaching it to a part of the ear where it fits well. As long as the sensor picks up the AC Pulsewave signal (see Basic Signals), then it is secure enough.

- Extending: Sensor cables are relatively short to maximize signal quality between the plethysmograph and the amplifier. Sensor reach can be extended via a USB cable extender. This has been tested up to 6 feet.

- Placement


- Recording

- Reviewing Session Data: To view a session go to "Manage Data", select the client name, then the session date. Then click "View" and the Vaslava Wave Whole graph should appear. If you happen to get a gray or white screen which does happen from time to time, just click anywhere on the screen and the graph will appear.

- Thresholds - Setting and Using:


- Installing

- License

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